Crossfit changed my life

The moment i walked down the slip road to the entrance of the crossfit box maybe has been the longest in years as i had my legs turn to jelly before entering the holy area of sweat and tears. My wife had registered me for my first trial workout at Crossfit Reutlingen after we had watched all documentaries about it like „Froning“ and „Fittest on earth“ a while ago and she already has been a member of CFRT for a couple of months. So i walked into the room, pretending to be some kind of fit after a lot of years going to the gym throwing around iron trying to work against getting out of shape and keeping my self-esteem high. I guess the only thing i kept maintaining has been a wrong mirror picture. 


My new coach introduced himself as Dennis and i listened to his word before the warmup trying to pretend not to be nervous … which i was … a lot. So we started with some exercises which already proved to myself what i was worried about. All the years of going to the gym had nothing to do with getting „fit“. It was just about bulking and eating and doing „curls for the girls“. 


As my heart rate was going up and my attempt to catch enough air by breathing heavily were more and more out of reach we entered the so called „strenth part“. This was were i felt comfortable. This was my world. Here i could show what i had done all the years before. Again … i was so wrong. 


We started with some kind of mixed workout with routines that included heavy weights and a high demand of core stability and muscles which i obviously did not had at all. Weights which were included into my usual warm up suddenly became unachievable. But i kept fighting and tried to give at least 100 percent. I did not want to completely lose face. But it kept getting worse. My lower back started hurting but i still wanted to give everything i had to prove to myself that i still am in my best years. 

After half an hour i kind of thought that we were done with our workout. I felt good having survived all the stresses and strains and i walked slowly to my water bottle while hearing my coach with a big smile saying „Ok guys … let’s get ready for the WOD (Workout of the day)“. I thought he had been joking as i saw all the other people laughing … but again i was soooo wrong. 


I was standing at the bar drinking my water as he was yelling at me to finish so we could begin with the workout. That second i eventually realized that the worst was yet to come. I had no idea that those forthcoming 25 minutes would be my personal Navy Seals Hell Week. 


„The workout sounded simple.“ 


25 minutes of time to finish 4 rounds of exercises. One round contained:


  • Running 400m – doing 20 Air Squats every 100m 
  • 20 Situps 
  • 30 Push press shoulder to overhead with 2 dumbbells
  • 20 Burpees


To successful complete the workout in the advanced mode the weight for the push press had been 22,5kg each dumbbell. In the gym i usually would have taken the 30kg dumbbells for 3 sets of 10 repetitions in my shoulder press workout. But some inner voice told me that i should go way down on the kilograms to get through this exercise. 


I was staring at the 22,5kg dumbbells waiting in front of Juergen to be lifted 120 times in total during the four rounds. He was already in his 50s still remaining impressive abs and made an impression of a high level of fitness to me but still made me wondering if he can do what he seemed to. 


I had a feet injury with a lot of complication during recovery and so i exchanged the running part with the skiing machine. This made me feel safe. So i got ready to do my best to finish the workout just in time. 

Get ready guys.
Ten seconds.